6 Tips For Saving Money Around Your House

Originally published on RE/MAX of Nanaimo. Owning a home and keeping it in tip-top shape can be costly. Small costs can quickly add up and sometimes become overwhelming. Here are a few tips for saving money around your house, anytime of the year.

Tips for saving money.

1. Rent or borrow tools.

If you have a project to do but don’t have the right tools, look at renting or borrowing them. If your project is a one-time job and you won’t need the tools again once it’s finished, it doesn’t always make sense to buy them.

2. Install programmable thermostats.

This will keep your home at the optimum temperature without having the thermostats pushed up and down to extremes.

3. Seal air gaps around windows and doors.

Caulking and weather stripping are inexpensive fixes and ensure you’re not losing heat during the cooler months, or air-conditioned cool air during the warmer months.

4. Clean out vents and air ducts annually.

To prevent dust buildup and don’t block air vents with furniture. Replace furnace filters each fall so your furnace runs more efficiently through the winter.

5. Turn off the lights.

Old fashioned incandescent bulbs give off 90% of their energy as heat and only 10% as light. Turn off lights in rooms you’re not using and switch to LED or compact fluorescents to save on energy costs around the house.

6. Use a push mower to mow your lawn.

Don’t knock it until you try it! Sure it’s a bit harder than pushing an electric or gas mower, but you’ll save money on your gas or hydro expenses during the year. And it’s good exercise, especially if you have a slope in your yard.

Each of these items will save you a bit of money each month. But, add them all up and you’ll find that the savings can be significant over the course of a year.

If you’re looking to buy a new home, or have one to sell, call Alvin Tan at RE/MAX of Nanaimo at (250) 751-1223. Alvin will be happy to help.

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