6 Tips For Saving Money Around Your House

Originally published on RE/MAX of Nanaimo. Owning a home and keeping it in tip-top shape can be costly. Small costs can quickly add up and sometimes become overwhelming. Here are a few tips for saving money around your house, anytime of the year. Tips for saving money. 1. Rent or borrow tools. If you have a […]

7 Tips For Securing Your Home When You Travel

Originally published on RE/MAX of Nanaimo. For a lot of people, a winter vacation is just what the doctor ordered. Have you thought about securing your home when you travel? How can you make sure your home is secure while you’re away for a couple of weeks enjoying the sun? Securing Your Home Mail hold. Contact […]

5 Reasons To Live In Nanaimo

Originally published on RE/MAX of Nanaimo.  If you’re thinking of moving to Nanaimo, here are 5 reasons to live in Nanaimo. 5 Reasons to live in Nanaimo. Small city feel with big city amenities. Nanaimo offers all of the amenities, events, festivals, arts, sporting activities, and shopping. There is so much more without the headache of […]

Why Now Is A Great Time To Invest In Nanaimo

Whether you already live here in Nanaimo, or are thinking of moving here, following are some of the great reasons why NOW is the time to invest in Nanaimo. 6 Reasons to invest in Nanaimo LOW INTEREST RATES. Although interest rates have experienced a slight increase, they have been holding steady and are still very […]

How Will Your RE/MAX Real Estate Agent Market Your Home?

This post was originally published on the RE/MAX of Nanaimo blog.  When you’re thinking of selling your home, your real estate agent will provide a marketing plan that shows you exactly how they plan to market your home to the public. In today’s electronic age, what does it mean exactly? How will a Real Estate Agent […]


在这和夏季里,6月份的房产交易持续上涨。 独立房平均价比起去年同期,上涨了13%。 平均价已经突破了52万!要买50多万以下的房子, 普遍抢手,你非常可能会遇到抢房的局面。卖家市场依然持续,独立屋平均19天就成交卖出,比去年同期降16%。 上市房源稍微上涨7%, 在市322套房子可供选择。 公寓房市非常活跃!涨幅最大的 Condos(Patio) 供管平层房屋平均价为36万1050, 比去年同期涨25%。相信平层房屋是老人的首选,不需要上下梯子,主卧,厨房,卫生间都在一层,这带给行动不便的老人无限的便利。紧接着的就是供管公寓 Apartment,15%的涨幅,平均以25万9418成交。公寓房源严重出现短缺现象,6月份新出房源才有40套,比去年同期,大跌了41%。 这种情况导加速了成交速度,平均17天成交, 在市时间降82%。 另外,供管联排 Condo (Townhouse) 也非常相似,平均在市时间11天,比起去年同期降77%。 现有房源38套,平均价为30万0813。在市房源有 104 4730 Skyline Way。 我们来看看6月份的成交数据。整个6月一共成交了907套房子。其中35万至70万占多数。纳耐磨Nanaimo 北区成交量居首位, 一共188单交易。 价位50万到80万之间居多, 百万洋房一共成交13套。 其次是纳耐磨 Nanaimo 南边, 一共108单交易,价位35万到60万之间居多。 想出租的给学生的首选位置当然是大学区的房子,强力推荐 4年新的 6卧4卫独立屋,还有合法出租单位, 投资好房,点击地址查看 530 Menzies Ridge Dr。