6 Tips For Saving Money Around Your House

Originally published on RE/MAX of Nanaimo. Owning a home and keeping it in tip-top shape can be costly. Small costs can quickly add up and sometimes become overwhelming. Here are a few tips for saving money around your house, anytime of the year. Tips for saving money. 1. Rent or borrow tools. If you have a […]

7 Tips For Securing Your Home When You Travel

Originally published on RE/MAX of Nanaimo. For a lot of people, a winter vacation is just what the doctor ordered. Have you thought about securing your home when you travel? How can you make sure your home is secure while you’re away for a couple of weeks enjoying the sun? Securing Your Home Mail hold. Contact […]

5 Reasons To Live In Nanaimo

Originally published on RE/MAX of Nanaimo.  If you’re thinking of moving to Nanaimo, here are 5 reasons to live in Nanaimo. 5 Reasons to live in Nanaimo. Small city feel with big city amenities. Nanaimo offers all of the amenities, events, festivals, arts, sporting activities, and shopping. There is so much more without the headache of […]

Why Now Is A Great Time To Invest In Nanaimo

Whether you already live here in Nanaimo, or are thinking of moving here, following are some of the great reasons why NOW is the time to invest in Nanaimo. 6 Reasons to invest in Nanaimo LOW INTEREST RATES. Although interest rates have experienced a slight increase, they have been holding steady and are still very […]


2017年3月交易报表出炉。Nanaimo纳耐磨独立屋12个月累计平均成交价为$464,405,比起前年同期涨17%。 如图所示房产市场上升趋势平稳,市场持续活跃。上个月独立屋平均成交价为$502,696,比起前年同期涨18%。 房子成交售出的时间也减少了36%。房屋买卖最活跃的区域为Nanaimo北边,占交易量的21.1%,其次为Nanaimo南边 16.5%。   公寓市场最为活跃,上个月平均成交价为$299,750,比起前年同期涨17%。数据显示公寓房源严重短缺,只有40套在市。 公寓成交售出的时间也大大减少至17天,比起同期降87%。 个人认为有种秒杀的感觉,大家都在强。手上有公寓的朋友,这是您的大好机会,一边倒的卖家市场。如要免费估价,赶紧联系陈衍山地产经纪吧。   另外值得参考的是空地的交易。市场活跃带动了大开发商和小建商们抢购空地。报告数据显示,平均空地成交价为$249,818,比起同期涨43%(为增长率最高的数据)。   以下是分享给喜欢看数字的朋友们做参考。如果需要更了解温哥华岛Nanaimo的房产市场,请联系陈衍山地产经纪。谢谢   以上数据为温哥华岛地产协会所提供


据菲沙智库Fraser Institute今年公布的纳奈莫Nanaimo中小学最新年度排行榜。今年的结果显示,Dover公立中学与Quarterway公立小学居首位。   榜单数据的采集,源自BC各校4~7年级学生的基础学能测验(Foundation Skills Assessment Test,FSA)得分,所涉范畴包括阅读、作文及计算能力等,并藉此对各校进行1~10分的评估。 小学公校及私校榜单: Nanaimo 南区的 Quarterway 公立小学 (6.7分): 2. Jingle Pot 南区 的 Nanaimo Christian 私立基督小学 (6.5 分) 3. Nanaimo 北区 的 McGirr 公立小学 (6.4 分) 4. Neck Point 附近的 Hammond Bay 公立小学 (6.3分) 5. Jingle Pot 南北区 Mountain View 公立小学 (5.5分)   中学公校及私校榜单: Nanaimo北区的Dover公立中学 (6.6分) 2. Nanaimo 南区大学区的 Malaspina […]